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Q: How can I get X feature added to HylaFAX?

A: Great question! As with most open source software projects, there is no guarantee the work will be added to HylaFAX unless you a) do it yourself, and then b) convince the development team that the change is a "good thing"(tm). Who are the developers? They're those people who subscribe to the hylafax-devel mailing list, and who follow bugzilla and CVS commit logs, and who participate in discussions on some combination of these forums. Everyone's welcome, and people tend to come and go as the mood strikes them. There's some usual supects of course, but newcomers are always welcome. If you think you'd like to introduce a new feature to HylaFAX yourself then please by all means file a bug report and hang a patch at [] - you're sure to get feedback and if concensus is that the work represents a positive change, it will be committed to CVS.

If you don't fancy becoming a developer yourself, or are more of an idea, or "big picture" person, then file your idea below and perhaps some developer (or developer-to-be) will decide it looks like fun and run with it. If you want to increase the odds that someone will take interest in your feature, you should consider adding a bounty, which is the amount of money you'd be willing to offer a developer to do the work for you.

Things I'd like to see in HylaFAX

  • Report of each sent fax (either printed in a printer or saved as pdf). Report should include the first page of the fax reduced in size a bit and a header with info such as status (success or failure), date, recipient etc. Report should be delivered after successfull sending or if server has given up trying. Willing to pay if amount is reasonable!!! :-)
  • I too am NOT a FAN of GUI, however in this current World, unless we have a GUI or wizard based entry for configuration of both Server and Client, we wont see much market penetration -zczc2311 [5 December 2009]
  • Dispatch fax as PDF AND TIFF instead of PDF OR TIFF [04 December 2009]
  • Integrated web-based frontend GUI with the option to upload a standard coversheet and letterhead. Hylafax desperately needs an integrated frontend GUI accessible via any browser that is readily available when Hylafax is installed. This will eliminate the need for fax clients installed on user computers and issues with configuring clients to work with Hylafax, and users can readily access it to send and view received faxes. The uploaded coversheet and letterhead will already contain the user logo, slogan, contact info, etc as desired/designed and the recipient information/coversheet body entered by the sender will be printed on the coversheet, while other page body will print on the letterheaded pages before it actually sends the fax.
  • Better documentation of Dialrules. More examples of string replacement, addition. How to accomplish conditional testing with the dialrule regex syntax (eg "if not current area code, and LD codue not prepended, add LD code), etc.
  • The JobFmt technique seems to be a bit outdated in relation to the sendq files, becaues one doesn't get all the information. As Client-developer i would like to use exactly the same tags available in the sendq files in the jobfmt-string, instead of (or additionally to) those letters.
  • LDAP Support for Client/User Authentication: Paul 15:35, 16 December 2005 (EST)
  • Mini Webserver for Hylafax Server Status, Job Management: Paul 15:35, 16 December 2005 (EST)
  • Destination Routing between multiple Servers in different Countries: Alex 18:33, 30 January 2006 (CET)
  • Fax Accept / Reject using both Caller ID and TSI. Possibly referencing CID variables in the tsi file?: User: Gguldens 22:37 22 May 2007(EDT USA)
  • A way to accept faxes from known spammers, but make the process slow down, grinding to a near halt. The longer each spammer is on each individual's line, the fewer people they get to spam at the end of the day.
  • Support for additional languages encoding for ASCII to postscript conversion in textfmt/TextFormat such as Hebrew and Arabic, so we could fax header pages (incl. automatic fields such as date, sender name, recipient name, company, etc) in those languages.
  • direct support to SMTP protocol to use an external Mail server
  • ability to return an intercept message for incoming faxes if the caller is calling an invalid number. I am not sure if this is already a feature but I cannot find it(CHRISFARKER AT GMAIL)
  • OCR Routing. Great open source OCR Routers are available out there such as ocrad and Tesseract and having them included in this program would make it ideal for use in small businesses instead of products from GFI or Relayfax which don't have linux versions.: User: Marc 14:40 22 May 2009(EDT)
  • I would like the Downloads Page to Include X_64 CPU Software downloads. I would think that this should be an easy task, especially if you offer Distro Specific file formats for easy installation.
  • I would also like to see just about all of the documentation available as a download .PDF File
  • I would finally like to see Hylafax have a presence in OpenSuse - Build Services community repositories that once a user has elected to join, auto updates/patches to the software are immediately available and form part of the daily update check and install facility.
  • I would would love to see the man pages download into Linux Local Help so that a user can create indexes to the man pages and turn them into into indexed help files.
  • I would love to see far greater use of Graphics in the documentation pages, especially ones of data processing flow diagrams
  • I would love to see an Introduction Document explaining the role of the Server PC and Software together with its defendant Client PC software and how to best choose your actual Server PC and Client PC or can 1 PC be both????
  • I would love to see a 'Test Your Installed Modem on this PC, where the user can click on a button and the site interrogate the Modem installed in that PC for compatibility.
  • I would like to see more Distro specific installation files. I.E .RPM..etc etc - non compressed.
  • Can we offer a download of an ISO, which contains all program files so we can burn a CD/DVD ISO Disk with everything on it...or be able to request an ISO DVD from a Linux Distro like
  • I would like to see encrypted client/server communication for sending faxes. Preferably with a protocol that only uses one TCP port (e.g. similar to http, smtp or pop3) so it can easily be routed through NAT, ssh, stunnel, etc.

Scott 16:35, 01 June 2009 GMT+10 (DownUnder in OZ)

  • A GUI would be great! I was also hoping that support for message modems and easy retrieval of messages and faxes stored on the modem (e.g. overnight, when the computer is switched off) could be added.

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