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HylaFAX The world's most advanced open source fax server


  • Delphi
    • TFrogFax: Delphi Component to build Hylafax Client Applications
    • Delphi Example Program: Delphi example program that allows developers to make Windows applications that sends fax directly over HylaFax
  • Java
    • GNU-HylaFAX: The GNU-HylaFAX package is a pure Java API designed to implement the client protocol portion of the hfaxd client-server protocol server.
  • Perl
  • Windows API
    • HylaFSP - Normally used as a Windows HylaFAX client, a HylaFSP fax device is also a Windows Fax Service Provider for HylaFAX. Developers can use the Windows Fax Service API to connect to a HylaFAX server. See for a VB Script example of controlling HylaFSP. See MSDN for documention on the Fax Service API. Available from iFAX Solutions
    • Hylafx.DLL - Very small Win32 DLL(20KB), partially realizes HylaFAX API. Gives an opportunity of sending of facsimile messages from your applications, created by language of any level: C, FoxPro, Visual Basic, etc.
  • .NET API
    • Hylafax.NET - This hylafax .net dll allows you to connect and interact with the hylafax server. This is a light weight DLL with little coding required for your .NET Application to talk to the hylafax server. The DLL supports connecting to multiple hylafax servers (one server per instance of the hylafax class).

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