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Fax Viewer Software

  • CPC View: by Cartesian Products is a web browser add-on enabling web browsers to directly display image documents in a variety of file formats, including Fax files. CPC View supports features such as document navigation, scaling, rotation, anti-aliased images in both a page view and thumbnail view, extensive annotation capabilities, and much more.
  • acdsee: is a Windows graphics program capable of displaying the TIFF/F files. Most software archives, such as [1] should stock it.
  • Irfanview: by Irfan Skiljan is another Windows viewer, available in English and German versions. Free for non-commercial use, this viewer is capable of handling multipage tiffs.
  • Tiffview: by Terry Haddock is another fax viewer for Windows. Can be used as a helper program for Netscape. It has been mentioned that it can handle 2-D encoded tiff G3 format images, but fails with the aspect ratio on fine resolution faxes.
  • Tiffsurfer: by Visionshape, Inc. Multi-page tiff viewer plug-in for Netscape or Microsoft Explorer running under Windows '95, '98 or NT. There are free and shareware versions.
  • Alternatiff: by Medical Informatics Engineering Free tiff viewer plug-in for Netscape, Microsoft Explorer or Opera (v3.51 or higher) running under Windows '95, '98 or NT.
  • Imaging for Windows: by Eastman Software is a viewer bundled in with Windows '95 and NT. Free download. It has been suggested to convert the fax image to G4 format first by the tiff library's tiffcp utility to ensure reliable display.
  • Viewfax: by Frank Cringle is a Unix/X11 fax (ie TIFF/F) viewer.
  • faxview.tcl: by Ralph Schleicher is a graphical front end to viewfax and as been the subject of an article in the Linux Gazette online magazine called Linux Fax for Dummies. Here is a Screenshot.
  • Brava! Reader: by Informative Graphics Brava! Reader is a free viewer that views and prints TIFF, PDF and secure CSF files. It is simple to use and runs as a desktop program or as an ActiveX component in a web page. Second download site for Brava! Reader
  • hyTIFF: by Alessandro Oliva hyTIFF is a free viewer for personal use only, that views Multi-Page TIF and PS files.
  • Tiff Viewer: by Compact Data Management Limited. Multipage compatible and free for all use.

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